The dog that started it all

The most rotten (and happy) yellow lab you ever met

It’s Kalvin’s fault! He STARTED it. Kalvin was my roommates beloved yellow Lab (although he can easily pass for a Golden Retriever). He was the first dog I painted in watercolor waaay back when I lived as a bachelorette in Napa.  He was everybody’s best friend.  Like most Retrievers his love for people came across first, followed by his love for mischief! If you weren’t supposed to eat it, he did! It would infuriate my roommate when her command to leave it  only made him chew the dead crawdad he found by the pond faster. You couldn’t stay mad at him though, not with a face like his.


Dogs like cake. . .NOT birthday hats!

Dogs like cake. . .NOT birthday hats!

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