Built for Speed

dog pinscher

Dobies are built for speed.

Growing up, I always wanted a Doberman Pinscher. My parents promised me one if I made straight As. I was on the honor roll but did not get all As. To this day I have not had the pleasure of owning a Dobie, but my niece is making up for that; she has two! This is Chassie. She is a lean, lithe, beautiful purebred. And she is FAST!


dobie art for sale

doberman art for sale

German Shorthair Pointer


Did you say STAY. . . because I could have SWORN you said go PLAY with that cat!

Sadie is her name. Squirrels are her game. Well. . . squirrels and pizza and cats.

Okay. Can I be honest here? I’ve debated about this for quite some time and feel like honesty is truly the best policy so here goes. . . I’ve never met Sadie. In fact, I’ve never met Sadie nor her owner. This was my first full commission pet portrait I’ve ever done for a complete stranger!
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A Boston Terrier Worth Trying

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“You NEED to do a Boston” the dog groomer says to me. She looks me straight in the eye and holds my gaze for minutes it seems, half smiling but with an intensity that’s almost frightening. I had walked into her dog grooming shop to show her some samples of my pet portraits and jewelry and she promptly asked me about any Boson Terriers I might have painted.

“No, I haven’t painted any yet. . .but yours could be the FIRST!” I say with exuberance, trying to cover up the guilt I strangely feel for not having painted one already. What have I been thinking?!
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White Cat Disguise


Do our pets realize how SPOILED they really are?

His name’s Razzamataz, or Razz for short. His owner contacted me after winning the custom pet portrait I donated to the Martinez Music Boosters silent auction held at Lemongrass restaurant. (Lemongrass is a very popular Thai place here in Martinez, CA and serves a very nice fresh spring roll with avocado.)

When this black and white tuxedo cat wants to change things up, he does his “white cat” imitation – rolling over on his back to display his very white belly. Now how come a fat, white belly is so cute on cats and not on humans. . . .?