L’Instant Cattinger Black Cat Champagne

Linstant Cattinger Black Cat
This cat portrait is my humorous take on the famous Tattinger champagne ad poster featuring Grace Kelly in a slinky black gown posing behind a tall flute of golden bubbly next to the words L’Instant Tattinger, meaning Tattinger moment. I painted it to celebrate my art show at Scharffenberger Cellars, renowned for their California sparkling wines. I already had a dog lover’s wine inspired painting (The Wine Sniffer Black Lab) and needed one that featured cats. The longhair Persian like black cat I painted seems to smile as if she gets the joke. She gazes sweetly through the amber liquid, gold and green eyes sparkling. Her ebony fur contrasts nicely against the orange, gold background and is framed in a border of black. This was a very popular item as I sold several of these paintings.

black cat art for sale

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