German Shorthair Pointer


Did you say STAY. . . because I could have SWORN you said go PLAY with that cat!

Sadie is her name. Squirrels are her game. Well. . . squirrels and pizza and cats.

Okay. Can I be honest here? I’ve debated about this for quite some time and feel like honesty is truly the best policy so here goes. . . I’ve never met Sadie. In fact, I’ve never met Sadie nor her owner. This was my first full commission pet portrait I’ve ever done for a complete stranger!

Let me explain. Up to this point, all the custom pet portraits I’ve done were for friends and family, people who love and support me. They’ve all been very enthusiastic about the paintings but they kind of HAVE to be–you know, since they know me. Sadie’s dad, the complete stranger, doesn’t HAVE to be anything, let alone nice to me. So when I got his email ordering a custom pet portrait and I didn’t recognize who it was from, I was very, very excited. Just to be sure this was a complete stranger, I asked my husband if he knew this person and he didn’t.

This means several things to me: One, my art doesn’t suck. Okay, I really don’t believe that, but every once in a great while, that creepy little thought will appear and try to make me believe it. I simply acknowledge the thought, then let it go. And two, my art “show” worked! By this I mean that my first public display of art was at H&R Block in Martinez where I hung many of my pet portraits. It was here that Sadie’s dad saw my art and contacted me.

Two great triumphs in one itty bitty email – from a complete stranger no less.

Hopefully we won’t be strangers for long…I get to meet Sadie’s dad when he comes to pick up the painting.


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