Purebred Irish

A Purebred Irish: Spirited, Headstrong, THIRSTY!

A Purebred Irish: Spirited, Headstrong, THIRSTY!

I painted this dog portrait for St. Patricks day. . .my funny nod to the Irish. A panting purebred Irish runs toward a cool glass of beer. “Spirited, Headstrong, Thirsty!” reads the caption. Gotta love those feisty redheads! I worked with a little spitfire of an Irish woman once and was very careful to keep myself in her good graces. I wouldn’t want an Irish adversary. An Irish Setter however, seems like nothing but a bundle of goodwill and cheer…perfect attributes for a most companionable bar mate. Bottoms up!

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L’Instant Cattinger Black Cat Champagne

Linstant Cattinger Black Cat
This cat portrait is my humorous take on the famous Tattinger champagne ad poster featuring Grace Kelly in a slinky black gown posing behind a tall flute of golden bubbly next to the words L’Instant Tattinger, meaning Tattinger moment. I painted it to celebrate my art show at Scharffenberger Cellars, renowned for their California sparkling wines. I already had a dog lover’s wine inspired painting (The Wine Sniffer Black Lab) and needed one that featured cats. The longhair Persian like black cat I painted seems to smile as if she gets the joke. She gazes sweetly through the amber liquid, gold and green eyes sparkling. Her ebony fur contrasts nicely against the orange, gold background and is framed in a border of black. This was a very popular item as I sold several of these paintings.

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Aye Chihuahua Tequila

Double trouble with these two sassy Chihuahuas!

Double trouble with these two sassy Chihuahuas!

These tequila twins are sure to stir up some trouble! A watercolor portrait of two long haired Chihuahuas is combined with retro ad copy that says: “¡Aye! Chihuahua brand Tequila.” These orange and tan pups are contrasted nicely against a distressed teal background, giving it a vintage feel.

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Built for Speed

dog pinscher

Dobies are built for speed.

Growing up, I always wanted a Doberman Pinscher. My parents promised me one if I made straight As. I was on the honor roll but did not get all As. To this day I have not had the pleasure of owning a Dobie, but my niece is making up for that; she has two! This is Chassie. She is a lean, lithe, beautiful purebred. And she is FAST!


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Rosie the Riveter

Cleo approves of her Rosie the Riveter portrait. . . but  refuses to do any work around the house.

Cleo approves of her Rosie the Riveter portrait. . . but refuses to do any work around the house.

This is my spoiled girl Cleo. The headline says it all: “Teamwork is Simple. . . I WHINE. . . YOU FEED ME!”  Yes, I used to cook for this 17 year old dog.  She’s gone to doggie heaven now. At one time my husband used to come home to a house full of yummy meatloaf smells and would enthusiastically ask “what’s for dinner?” After getting my usual reply of “Uh…I don’t know…I just made Cleo’s dinner” he then asked “is that for us or for the dog?” Contact me to create your dog’s dinner. . . I mean portrait.

Cleo and her carob birthday cake.

Cleo and her carob birthday cake.

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The dog that started it all

The most rotten (and happy) yellow lab you ever met

It’s Kalvin’s fault! He STARTED it. Kalvin was my roommates beloved yellow Lab (although he can easily pass for a Golden Retriever). He was the first dog I painted in watercolor waaay back when I lived as a bachelorette in Napa.  He was everybody’s best friend.  Like most Retrievers his love for people came across first, followed by his love for mischief! If you weren’t supposed to eat it, he did! It would infuriate my roommate when her command to leave it  only made him chew the dead crawdad he found by the pond faster. You couldn’t stay mad at him though, not with a face like his.


Dogs like cake. . .NOT birthday hats!

Dogs like cake. . .NOT birthday hats!

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Cat Experiment: Buy one get one free?

The first guinea pig of my experiment: Ava Gardner of Outcast Cat Help in Martinez, CA

The first guinea pig of my experiment: Ava Gardner of Outcast Cat Help in Martinez, CA

Could offering an original watercolor portrait of a hard-to-place cat entice adoption? This question has been on my mind for several years now and I’m ready to find out the answer.

I got the name of Outcast Cat Help’s founder, Julie, from a mutual friend, a long-time Martinez, CA resident. “You might have seen her feeding the strays down at the marina. She traps them, has them spayed/neutered and returns them to where they live” she told me.

Now I’m the Queen of Procrastination and my co-rulers are Fear and Doubt. To give you an idea of how mighty is my reign, I’d birthed this idea of donating pet portraits to animal shelters back in 2007 – four years ago! The first couple years were under Procrastination’s jurisdiction. Then Fear took a turn, reigning supreme for a couple more years. It was now Doubt’s turn and she did not want to disappoint!
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Patches of Color

A Sweet shihtzu girl

This little girl is Patches. I started the painting on Valentine’s day, hence the hearts. I started out in my usual fashion, painting in “realistic” colors and values, but I wasn’t satisfied. I was in a colorful mood and decided to experiment with bright, bold combinations. I really started having fun. I wasn’t going to add a background but my husband came home and saw my painting and said he liked it…but wasn’t I going to “finish” it? I guessed he meant add a background, so I did. I’m excited about continuing my colorful experiments breaking away from my typical browns and blacks of my critters.

German Shorthair Pointer


Did you say STAY. . . because I could have SWORN you said go PLAY with that cat!

Sadie is her name. Squirrels are her game. Well. . . squirrels and pizza and cats.

Okay. Can I be honest here? I’ve debated about this for quite some time and feel like honesty is truly the best policy so here goes. . . I’ve never met Sadie. In fact, I’ve never met Sadie nor her owner. This was my first full commission pet portrait I’ve ever done for a complete stranger!
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